Ian Ashton - Evove

14 July 2022 15:45 - 16:15

The filtration and separation of liquids plays a pivotal role in our economies, from purifying and recycling water, filtering food & beverage, desalination, making semiconductors and green hydrogen, to extracting lithium to power batteries. But the conventional membranes used to do so are based on outdated manufacturing techniques that make them very imprecise and inefficient, not to mention troublesome to operate and requiring frequent replacement. Evove is pioneering the use of additive manufacturing to transform the performance and applicability of large-scale membranes. In this seminar the advancements achieved using various AM techniques will be presented.


1. AM design freedom allows for the manufacture of membrane structures with improved fluid flow dynamics
2. Conventional membrane performance can be improved via additively manufactured inserts
3. CFD optimised meshes are being used to improve filtration flux and reduce system pressure drop in spiral wound filters
4. Low energy binder jet printing can produce ceramic filtration components which are topologically optimised and can last ‘indefinitely’
5. Improved filter efficiency and reduced operational energy are essential to decarbonise the filtration industry

Dr Ian Ashton, Senior Engineer , Evove