Wilderich Heising - Boston Consulting Group

14 July 2022 10:00 - 10:30

In the recent years, we have seen strong technological advancements in additive manufacturing. Manufacturing companies can now build on the technology to form distributed production networks to make their operations more efficient, more resilient, and more sustainable. We present a framework ensuring the right design choices and identify most suitable applications for distributed manufacturing. We address critical issues like IP protection and certification and business viability. The presentation also includes a case study of manufacturing companies starting the journey and service providers in the field.


1. The ability to describe the current state of the 3D Printing market in terms of size and development along the entire additive manufacturing value chain
2. The ability to describe the three different dimensions of distributed manufacturing and how they can be applied in 3D printing
3. The ability to leverage different dimensions of distributed manufacturing in 3D Printing to their advantage to boost efficiency, resilience and sustainability in their product supply process

Dr. Wilderich Heising, Partner and Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group